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Petrochemical centrifugal pump
LAD (Type BB1)
Product Parameters
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LAD (Type BB1) - Axially split, one-and two-stage, between-bearings pump


Water supply system
Industrial application
Construction industry
Crude oil piping transferring
Main service: Circulating water pump, temperature regulating pump, crude oil pump, etc.

Design Features:

Flange configuration conforms to ANSI / DIN / ISO standards.
Mechanical seal chamber size conforms to ISO21049 (API682).
Self-balancing axial force through the double suction impeller structure.
Double volute pump casing make radial force self-balancing,innovative tongue design can minimize radial pressure pulses and vibration.
360°integrated bearing bracket,grease lubrication is standard configuration,thin oil lubrication is optional.
Easy to maintain,bearings,mechanical seals,etc.can be replaced without moving pump casing.

Design Parameters:

Capacity (Q): 160~8500 m3/h
Head (H): ~460 m
Operating Pressure (P): ~5.0 Mpa
Operating Temperature (T): -20℃~+210℃