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Petrochemical centrifugal pump
LTD (Type BB5)
Product Parameters
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LTD (Type BB5) - Double-casing, radially split, multistage, between-bearings pump (barrel pump)


Power plant
Refinery plant
Petrochemical plant
Natural gas processing plants
Off-shore & on-shore platform water injection
Crude oil transferring
Main service: Hydrofeed pump, lean amine pump, water injection pump, coke cutting pump, etc.

Design Features:

Flange configuration conforms to ANSI / DIN / ISO standards
Mechanical seal chamber size conforms to ISO21049 (API682).
The rotors are designed in tandem or back to back structure
First stage double suction impeller or inducer structure can be used when operating at low NPSHa conditions
For large size pumps, entire internal parts can be removed with the bearing housing and the mechanical seal housing as a unit. The unit can be installed as a package after maintenance what can saving maintenance time
Depending on the conditions of power and axial force, self-lubricating and sliding bearing - thrust pad bearings are available,with additional lubricant system
Balanced drums or symmetrical impellers can be used to balance the axial forces

Design Parameters:

Capacity (Q): 5~1200 m3/h
Head (H): ~ 3000 m
Operating Pressure (P): ~ 30Mpa
Operating Temperature (T): -80℃~+450℃