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Petrochemical centrifugal pump
LCD (Type BB3)
Product Parameters
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LCD (Type BB3) - Axially split, multistage, between-bearings pump


Industrial boiler water feeding,nuclear
system assistant water feeding
Reverse osmosis water supplying
Off-shore crude oil transferring
Finished oil piping transferring
Supercritical liquefied petroleum gas,ethylene and carbon dioxide compression liquefaction applications,the lowest specify gravity is 0.25
Main service: Boiler feed pump (BFW pump), lean amine pump, lean methanol pump, semi-lean methanol pump, high temperature ash pump, high pressure liquid ammonia pump, high pressure methylamine pump, crude oil pump, etc.

Design Features:

Flange configuration conforms to ANSI / DIN / ISO standards
Mechanical seal chamber size conforms to ISO21049 (API682).
Impeller shrink fit assembly,precision casting,dynamic balancing and impeller fixed individually one by one
Axially split casing simplifies rotor balancing,inspection and installation,pump body flow path take design optimization
bearings and 7300 Series thrust bearings are standard configure,Optional bushings-ball bearings and bushings-thrust pad structure,INPRO seal is available.
Large shaft diameter design,gradually reduced shaft diameter help easy assembly,sufficient margin ensures the rotor dynamic balance and power transmission

Design Parameters:

Capacity (Q): 10~2500 m3/h
Head (H): ~1600 m
Operating Pressure (P): ~ 25 Mpa
Operating Temperature (T): -60℃~+200℃