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Petrochemical centrifugal pump
LDD (Type BB4)
Product Parameters
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LDD (Type BB4) - Single-casing, radially split, multistage, between-bearings pump


Oil & Natural gas
Petroleum & Petrochemical
Pulp & Paper
Boiler feed water temperature below 210℃, combined cycle power plants,solar energy utilization, biological and industrial power plants
Boiler starting water feeding pump of general power plant
General industrial high-pressure water pump
Main service: Boiler feed pump (BFW pump), etc.

Design Features:

Flange configuration conforms to ANSI / DIN / ISO standards
Mechanical seal chamber size conforms to ISO21049 (API682).
Several different sets of hydraulic models have been designed for each impeller size to ensure high efficiency and low operating costs over a wide operating range. In the case of low NPSHa, first stage double-suction impeller structure can be applied
Central-supported pump body structure can withstand higher forces and moments
Depending on the conditions of power and axial force, self-lubricating and sliding bearing-thrust pad bearings are available, with additional lubricant system
Balancing drums and axial thrust bearing can serve long life under harsh conditions

Design Parameters:

Capacity (Q): 5~1200 m3/h
Head (H): ~3000 m
Operating Pressure (P): ~30Mpa
Operating Temperature (T): -80℃~+210℃