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LZE (Type OH2) - Centreline-mounted, single-stage, overhung pump


Oil & Natural gas
Petroleum & Petrochemical
Pulp & Paper
Electric power industry
Chemical process industry
Water supply and drainage
General industries

Design Features:

Flange configuration conforms to ANSI / DIN /ISO standards.
Mechanical seal chamber size conforms to ISO21049(API682).
Closed,open,semi-open impellers are optional to meet different media conditions.
Double volute design can be selected to balance radial force when outlet size larger than 80mm.
Inducer structure is used when there is low NPSHa.
Impeller equipped with seal ring&balance hole,easy to replace wearing parts,mechanical seals and bearings service longer life.

Design Parameters:

Capacity (Q): 2~2600 m³/h
Head (H): ~300 m
Operating Pressure (P): ~5.0 Mpa
Operating Temperature (T):-80℃~+450℃